Privacy policy

The simple version

  • I will not sell your data neither will I pass on your data on to anyone who shouldn’t have it.
  • I will only e-mail you if you say I can.
  • If you want me to remove your data, just email me at [email protected]

I may have to keep your data for commercial and legal purposes. For example if you buy a training course or book from me you’ll have to pay and provide your address. I will need to keep this and also communicate with you to conclude our business.

The detailed version

Personal and anonymised data

When I say 'personal data', it is information where I can personally identify you. If I cannot identify you personally, then it is anonymised data.

Communication data

If you send me an email, social media message, post or information through the contact or newsletter forms on my website I will need to do something with this data for the purposes of:

  • communicating with you
  • recording keeping (for example: if I need to invoice you I have to keep a record)

Customer data

If you buy a service from me, a training course or ebook and you give me your: name, title, billing address, delivery address email address, phone number, contact details, purchase details and your payment card details, then I will need to use that data to fulfil the service and keep records. Your data would be on that invoice and I would have to keep it.

User data

I track how this website and newsletters are used. If you post a comment and I think it is a great comment I might use it on social media and 'tweet' it for example. I might keep or re-use some of your words in another document, such as a Google spreadsheet or another blog post.

I also use a version control system to publish this website and I also backup this website and data relating operating such a service.

Technical data

I use Google Analytics to look at the pages you access and what page you go to. I also see where you are coming from, how long you spend on the site, where you are on the world and so on.

Marketing data

If you have signed up to my newsletter, you are giving me permission to send you emails about random content-based musings. I may use your customer data, user data, technical data and marketing data to measure if you find my musings and content interesting. If it looks like you are not getting any value from the content then I know to stop sending you emails and I will ponder how best to make a better difference in the world.

Disclosures of your personal data

I may have to share your personal data with other people or organisations I am working with. For example, if you buy a book from this site, your data will may be shared with the payment processor such as Paypal or Stripe.

If I do that, anyone I work with will have to respect the security of your personal data and to treat it in accordance with the law. I will only use your data, and allow them to use your data, for specific reasons.

International transfers

Different countries have different data rules and if I use a person or organisation outside of the UK, I will investigate them to make sure they take your data protection seriously.

Data security

I will, of course, do my utmost to make sure your data is not accidentally lost, used, altered or shared without your authorisation. In the extremely unlikely event any of that happens we will inform you and investigate the problem.

It is your data I hold. You have rights. Take a look at the United Kingdoms ICO’s guidance.

Contact me

If you have any problems or questions with any of this data and privacy protection stuff, email me at [email protected].